The Arnold Drops The Hammer of Terminator: Salvation

Arnold Schwarzenegger is many things. Being a person who is shy about giving his opinion is not among them. Just go and re-watch Pumping Iron (1977) to see the more outspoken and younger version of “The Austrian Oak”. Recently, the mature and modern Schwarzenegger has finally broken his silence about not appearing in Terminator: Salvation.

Schwarzenegger straight out said he was glad he skipped the film because “It sucked”.

Honestly, the film was not that bad but it was highly disappointing. Salvation could have been the perfect trilogy to provide the backstory on how the events in the first three films played out. Today, Salvation is relegated to Hollywood misfires that are soon to be forgotten films.

Why would Schwarzenegger come out and trash the fourth film in the series? Fans like Jaime Garcia Dias know that he is probably trying to imply the fifth film is going to be a really good one. Consider this a form of damage control. Reaction to the first previews of Terminator: Genisys were not exactly all that great. The overall buzz on the upcoming film is a bit mediocre and, honestly, if all this negative buzz is based on rumor and conjecture, that is just not fair to the people who may have put out a really solid new film.

Hopefully, fans will give the new film some leeway and choose not to wait until the DVD release. The first film has to do good box office or else its going to end up like Salvation, the first film in a trilogy never made.

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