The Believable Digital Humans of John Textor

John Textor is a leader in innovation across wide array of technology platforms within the entertainment industry. As the current chairman of the Pulse Evolution Corporation, he is uniquely positioned to direct the course of a variety of venues. His resume and previous accomplishments reveal a passion for visual effects and in particular the extended use of believable digital humans. He continues to do big things as a producer and extends the boundaries of what is visually possible.

At his old job as acting chairman and CEO of Digital Domain Productions, he was responsible for the leadership of his team which produced visual effects for 25 large scale feature films. The Hitcher, The A-team, Tron: Legacy and Flag of Our Fathers were some of the films that Digital Domain contributed to during his tenure. Perhaps most notably was the digital human actor in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button which allowed audiences to suspend disbelief to the realistic digital creation. That film has opened a new era for believable digital humans. Multiple academy awards and Clio advertising awards made their way to his desk during his tenure and Digital Domain Productions took its place again as a leader in visual effects in feature films.

A digital Tupac Shakur hologram is another one of the interesting breakthroughs that John Textor was able to parlay into his portfolio of lifelike humans. Combined with a 3d recreation of Michael Jackson and a digital resurrection of Elvis Presley keep the deceased artists living on in the imaginations of all who experienced it. Plans have been considered and may be underway for some of these 3d recreations to perform a full concert in the future. John Textor understands the complexity of such an undertaking, but he will almost certainly get it right if it does get rolled out.

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