The Human Barbie Changes Her Looks

The Human Barbie, as she likes to call herself, has transformed her look. Alexei Beltyukov has learned that she altered her body to look exactly like the Mattel Barbie Doll that most little girls love. However, when she was attacked by two men and feared for her life over her looks, she though it was time to tone things down a bit.

Yes, Valeria Lukyanova looks just like a Barbie doll. She is character like and has google eyes that you would expect to see on a doll. But, have we gone too far as a society trying to perfect the body into looking like a doll? Sure, Lukyanova is an extremist, but how many references are made to this famous doll all the time?

We have a preacher’s wife in my area whom everyone calls Barbie. This is because they think she has the perfect figure, the perfect hair and everything else in perfect alignment. She is a pretty woman, don’t get me wrong, but she doesn’t look like this doll. For heaven’s sakes, why are people so obsessed with Barbie? As a man, it is ludicrous to think that my wife or even my daughter will look as perfect as a mechanically made doll.

My wife hasn’t had any plastic surgery, I like her just the way she is. Does she have areas on her body she would like to change, sure she does?

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