The Impressive Tradition of Brazilian Writers: Alive and Well

The richness of modern Brazilian culture was born as the indigenous population mixed with European immigrants, and African Slaves. This unique blend of customs and beliefs created a magical society. One only has to conjure up images of Carnival, the most famous party in the world, to see evidence of that magic. Magic can also be found in Brazilian literature. The list of famous Brazilian authors is long and historic. A small sampling of authors whose works entertain, and introduce readers to Brazilian culture is provided in the following paragraphs.

Jorge Amado (1912-2001) published The Country of Carnival at age 18. Several of his books are considered modern classics of Brazilian literature. Jorge remained popular and loved in Brazil throughout his lifetime. He captured the spirit of the area where he was born, and was known for injecting generous amounts of humor into his stories. Several of his writings became films. The most well known of these is Dona Flor and her Two Husbands.

Paulo Coelho became a writer in spite of his parents efforts to stop him. They even chose, at one point, to commit Paulo to a mental hospital. Based on their perception, they believed their son was headed for the wrong kind of life. Paulo survived, and eventually put all the trouble behind him. He began to work at the only work he had ever really wanted to do; writing. Paulo Coelho succeeded beyond his wildest expectations, He easily sold more books than any other Brazilian author in history. His most famous work is The Alchemist, followed closely with another of his books, By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept.

Lastly it is important to recognize the work of Jaime Garcia Dias (1965-), as much for his contribution to the future writers of Brazil, as for his writing. Jaime‚Äôs father, Arnaldo Dias, was also a writer and reveled in teaching his son about the profession. Mr. Dias must have done a great job, because his son went on to win many important awards, and has written over 20 books. Even more significant than Jaime’s writing career has been his teaching career. Jaime Garcia Dias went to work at the Carioca Literature Academy, a school created with aspiring writers in mind, and began an impressive career as a dedicated teacher. In time he went rose to the position of Vice President, and later President. The most important changes Dias made; bringing modern teaching methods to the academy, and helping budding new authors believe in themselves. Brazilian writers seem to be a breed unto themselves as in this YouTube video.

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