The Journey To JustFab: How Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler Created a New Brand

It doesn’t make much to build a successful business. All you really need is a desire to succeed, and a willingness to learn. Techstyle founders Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg are leaders in the industry of online retail, yet they admit they have very little knowledge of fashion and the latest trends. It may seem impossible to build a business in an industry you know so little about, but Ressler and Goldenberg were more than willing to learn. Their strong desire to succeed, and their ability to understand the needs of today’s consumer helped this duo successful establish a series of online retailers in the industries of fashion and beauty.

Both Ressler and Goldenberg were intrigued by the idea of entrepreneurship as teens. At just 15, Goldenberg entered started his first business. Fueled by his passion for online gaming, he created an online network for gaming website design. In 1999, Goldenberg sold the company to Intermix Media, where he would soon become Vice President of Strategic Planning, and ultimately become the Chief Operating Officer.

Following a similar path as his business partner, Don Ressler founded as his first business venture. Ressler also had significant experience in raising capital for several online companies, which inspired him to expand his portfolio as an entrepreneur. After selling to Intermix Media, Ressler, like Goldenberg, went on to join the company. Their new careers at Intermix would be the start of their business partnership.

In 2006, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg founded Intelligent Beauty, an online retailer focused on providing affordable options for wellness, beauty, and personal care. Their success with Intelligent Beauty, along with a few other e-commerce brands prompted the team to begin exploring other ways to break through the world of online shopping. In 2010, they launched JustFab, and their goal was met.

JustFab is an online subscription-based retailer that offers members a unique, worry-free shopping experience. For a small monthly fee, subscribers received personalized outfits right at their front door. During the registration process, JustFab asks each member to complete a preference quiz that will help stylist select outfits that best match their style. The personalized shopping experience combined with quality and affordability of products makes JustFab leaders in the industry of fashion and online retail.

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