The Life of Cassio Audi as a Musician

Cassio Audi made headlines in his music career. He was a member of Viper band and worked alongside Pit Passarrel, Yves Passarrel, Filipe Machado and Andre Matos. The band was formed in 1985 and by 1987, it was already popular in the Brazilian music industry upon release of their second album Soldiers of Sunrise. The band was nicknamed as Brazilian Iron Maiden and all the members of the band were recognized for their good music.

They received coverage on various magazines such as Metal Forces and Kerrang as well as invites to various shows in Brazil and before long they received attention from all over the world and did shows in different countries. Cassio Audi toured the world during this time as they performed in various cities. His good drumming skills were appreciated by the fans and he largely contributed to the success of the band. He stayed with the band for four years until 1989 before leaving to pursue his education. Cassio Audi is still passionate about music. Despite the fact that he chose a different career path that is quite demanding, he uses his free time to play with the former band members and his friends and family.

Cassio Audi believes that music gives him an opportunity to express himself in different ways. Thus, he appreciates the funs who still adore his music and is not willing to let go of his talent any time soon. His music gives hope to the listeners most of whom purchased their album or listen to the music online. His music evokes a good feeling about his country bringing into the mind of the listeners all the beautiful places in Brazil such as the jungles and beaches of the country. The music is an escape route for Cassio Audi, it makes him change lives and reach many people at the same time, and for this reason, he has chosen to hold onto music.

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