The Lip Care Market Is Growing And Beauty Startup Evolution of Smooth Is Leading The Way

As quiet as it’s kept there is potentially a new boom industry that is coming to town, so to speak. The key to that industry is located in purses, pockets and drugstores around the world. In case you’re wondering it’s not a wallet, it’s a tube of lipstick or in some cases a sphere of lip balm. Lip balm is so ubiquitous that it can be easy to overlook. In some ways it is so integrated into the daily lives of consumers that it sort of fades into the background. That said, while consumers might not think a lot about the ubiquity of lip balm that does not mean that entrepreneurs have all fallen for the idea that there is nothing exciting happening in the business behind lip balm. While many lip balm brands seem to have failed to give the way their lip care products looked a lot of thought other companies that have entered the lip care space saw lackluster lip care product design and packaging as a big opportunity to make an exciting product.

For the founders of Evolution of using lip balm could be more than a thoughtless chore for the people that were buying it to keep their lips moisturized. According to Fast Company Magazine Evolution of Smooth’s founders believed that using a lip care product could be an experience that delighted the customer and that had the potential to even be fun. With that insight in mind after carrying out market research that helped them identify the most avid lip care customers (women) and their pain points (the need for a lip care product that wouldn’t get easily lost) they went about creating a new kind of lip balm that would incorporate fun and delight. The shape of Evolution of Smooth’s main lip care product the Organic Smooth Sphere made it stand out to customers and has helped the company to sell one million units of their product a week. Within a short time, EOS lip balm appeared on shelves of stores from coast-to-coast in the United States. Stores like Walgreens, Target and Walmart started stocking EOS lip balm.


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