The Magic Behind Completing Your To-Do List

Previously known as Elance-oDesk, Upwork, just released a helpful article showcasing 10 powerful methods for completing the every-growing To-Do list. Upwork has a long history in the freelancing industry and is the platform for twelve million freelancers as well as five million clients. With such a large network, it is obvious to-do lists are very important.

It is suggested that if you write everything down on a to-do list you brain allows you to forget about those tasks and focus on what you are doing at that moment. It is also extremely valuable to prepare you list in advance. Majority of individuals prepare their to-do lists in the mornings while they are going through their day. However, this is actually not the best time. Research shows it is most valuable for people to prepare their lists at night and then decide on what tasks you will begin your day with.

Be sure to keep all of the tasks in one central location. If they are spread out across multiple tools, which majority of people’s tasks are, it inevitably allows for some tasks to be forgotten. There are many apps available on personal phones that could assist in organizing the to-do list. When writing down the tasks it can be helpful to include time attributes. Try to include when you will need to begin and when you will need to complete the tasks. This will allow for better planning and more organization.

Life is ever changing and days typically do not go according to planned. Be mindful of this and assign priorities to your to-do list. This will allow you to work in unplanned events during your day and shift gears quickly. In order to get the most productivity out of your day keep re-evaluating your tasks and delete ones that you seem to never complete.

More great tips to complete the mile long to-do listare to delegate small tasks to complete quickl, assign energy levels, and know the end goal is high productivity. Evaluate your list as a whole and then step-by-step work away at individual tasks.

When making to-do lists it is beneficial to include a tagging feature. This simple added step can save time in the long run. It is more efficient to complete all phone calls in one setting verses jumping around to make phone calls in-between tasks.

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