The Mastery of Organo Gold Explained

Bernardo Chua is a global entrepreneur that rose to business success from obscurity as an entry-level employee in the Philippines. Bernardo Chua used unsurpassable business approaches’ and built his company Organo Gold up to an international success. As he rose to the top, Chua was proactively conscientious of abandoning people he works with behind, influencing them to share the triumph as the company climbs to further heights of success.

The master entrepreneur began as an employee for Gano Excel’s Philippines location, then transferred to the USA branch in California to manage this office in 2003. Chua possessed a great deal of knowledge about the herb Ganoderma Lucidium herb and out-reached the applications of this ingredient to include coffee and tea beverages to Gano Excel’s product line. In 2008 Chua left to start his own company Organo Gold. The company launched from Canada in the area of Vancouver, British Columbia. The humble start-up only initiated with three employees. Currently, Organo Gold operates out of 35 international locations with thousands of staff members and distributors.

Organo Gold was founded focused on creating healthier beverage choices for individuals who wish to achieve equilibrium, wellness, and opulence in their lives. Perseverance and dedication to success bring many business achievement awards to Chua. He was the recipient of the Direct Sales Company Executive of the Year several times and in 2014 received his first Business and Industry Dangal ng Bayan Award.

Chua traveled with two employees to Manilla, Philippines in 2015 to attend an awards ceremony. The ceremony was hosted by the National Consumer Affairs Foundation. There, Chua was acknowledged as Outstanding Global Entrepreneur. In addition, he accumulated two Dangal ng Bayan awards. The Organo Gold company also took the Number One Global Marketing Company award along with two People’s Choice awards for its outstanding healthy and organic coffee. The People’s Choice awards recognize the elite professionals of various industries and products for their exemplary offerings to customers.  Follow Bernardo on Twitter @OGBernie, as well as his Facebook page.

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