The Music of the Year

Every year, as December rolls around, “Best of…” lists start rolling out from every corner of the internet. We have seen best movies, best memes, best TV shows, best episodes of TV shows, and the list continues. The “Best of…” list that constantly changes, and reflects our culture the best is the Best Songs of the Year list. This year is no different. Entertainment business professional and digital genius John Textor said it-The music industry is the most influential sector of entertainment on today’s culture. If a musician, sings it, wears it, or dances it, a cultural phenomenon is instantly born. Twerking, Swag, YOLO and “haters gonna hate” are just a few examples of the trends that are defining this generations culture, and they have come from somewhere in the music world. The Best songs of 2014 include many popular and new artists such as Iggy Azalea and her song “Fancy”, Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me”, and Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space”. The list also shows the staying power of many artists. Beyonce, Maroon 5, Bruce Springsteen, Foo Fighters, Weezer and Beck are just a few of the artists that have been making music for multiple generations, and are remaining relevant to the times. The wide range of musical styles shows that what music is popular is not based on genre or style, but on the music itself and how people perceive it. Everything from classic rock, to rap, to R&B to country is represented on this list.

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