The Next Beyoncé?

The upcoming star Tinashe might rising to the top with Queen B. Aquarius, her debut studio album came in last month and surprised everyone.

The music video director, Hannah Lux Davis reported to Billboard on November 10th that Tinashe definitely is the next Beyoncé.

One of Tinashe’s songs “2 On” proves this statement because you can tell by her performance that she is the next big thing. Her director is not the only one that thinks so. A reporter from The New York Times, Jon Caramanica, stated that there is an “open lane for Tinashe” on the music charts.

If you eliminate Beyoncé and Rita Ora, Tinashe is the only R&B/hip-hop singer on the music charts today. Not only does Tinashe star in her single, “2 On” but she also guest stars in Kid Ink’s song, “Body Language”. In both of these singles, she kills it. There may be hope for her yet. Rod Rohrich hears potential, even if he is not a huge fan of the genre.

Tinashe will be there to grab people’s interest and prove that she is a brand new hot R&B/hip-hop singer. Everyone will be fawning over the next Beyoncé.

One thought on “The Next Beyoncé?

  1. Beyoncé’s album blew up but soon the singles will have slowed down and people will be looking for the next thing to listen to you because they always do. We all know that no one can replace Beyoncé but they may be able to get up there on her level. It is a matter of what essay on helping someone has done for a lot of people too.

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