The Purpose of Environment Law According To Frans Schoeman

The environment should be kept safe for purposes of enhancing the lives of animals, plants and human beings. Over the years, the coexistence between these three species has changed significantly. Man, being more superior to these other two species, has taken control over the environment and made it his domain. These conflicts between man and the environment have in turn brought about the emergence of laws that govern the environment. The laws that control the impact that human activities have on the environment is defined as environmental law. This particular area of law deals with activities that have an effect on flora and fauna, land, air or water.
Environmental law is strict on the security of animals and plants because plants and animals make up a huge percent of the environment thus deserving to be protected. Protecting marine life enables the rare species and other species found in water to live peacefully without being endangered. When the land meant for animals is used for building houses and farming, the animals are driven out of their natural habitat making them exposed to injury and death. The laws helps in water conservation as it provides how water catchment areas should look like with the view to averting pollution and instances of aridity.
The primary functions of environment law are to set regulations and standards on how decisions pertaining to environment can be implemented. In addition, these laws are geared towards setting penalties when the environment is harmed. Environmentalists usually mobilize members of the public to participate in environmental activities. They have the mandate of stopping development and land use activities especially if they are against the law.Environmental lawyers are usually passionate about their work regarding the environment. Lawyers like Frans Schoeman have been in the limelight because of their role in environmental law. Frans is a South African environmental lawyer who is a senior partner at the Joubert Schoeman law firm. Frans Schoeman received his Baccalaureus Procurationis degree from the University of the Free State in 1990 and started practicing law immediately.
Over the years, environmental law has remained unknown because people were not much concerned about their environment. Most industries causes much air pollution to the environment through industrial emissions. Another problem caused by large industries is the fact that they are based near large water bodies and they at times release their toxic waste into these sources of water. The expansion of industries requires large tracts of land and sometimes such companies acquire land that animals consider homes leaving the animals with no place to live. Such situations increase conflicts between humans and animals.
The enforcement of these laws is shaping the environment through making people aware of the importance of conserving the environment. Voluntary and market based methods of conserving the environment and eradicating pollution have been created. Industrial operators are expected to comply with these environmental laws in order to reduce their environmental impacts. At the end of the day, when the environment is violated it causes massive changes to the weather patterns around the globe.

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