The RealReal

The Excellent Consignment Company, The RealReal

The RealReal company is a dealer in lifestyle, fashion and e-commerce. It is situated in San Francisco, California with warehouses in several other states including New York. It was founded by Julie WainWright who is the Chief Executive Officer. It deals in authenticated and pre-owned luxury items for both, men and woman. Their sells include watches and jewelry from designers such as Rolex and Cartier, art from Andy and fashion from renown designers such as Louis Vuitton, chanel and Hermes. Moreover, the outlets have many employees who are accustomed to fashions and designs, therefore, they are able to guide buyers into finding the most suitable fashion or jewelry.

According to the article, the company is looking into opening up new stores in different states which the termed it as the year of pop up. The opening of stored led to an increase in income because, one people have gone shopping in these stores, they keep coming because of the great brands and the good customer services. Additionally, selling in stores led to a realization of higher profits compared to online sells. The director of marketing, Allison Sommer also says that, the pop ups are necessary as they create awareness thus increasing the market level. The opening of a pop up in San Francisco increased the number of online buyers from the area.

In addition, when hiring employees, the RealReal company ensures that it consists of authentication experts and gemologists who are passionate about the standard of the item rather than the commission to be acquired, hence ensuring that the company help customers meet their needs at the required value. Another thing about the popups is that, they consist of vetted employees with knowledge of many fashions and designs such as Gucci to Sotheby’s, who help the company acquire profits and the buyers to acquire long lasting products.

Furthermore, the company also consists of valuation experts who help consignors determine their jewels and watches value. The valuation shops are found in San Francisco, New York and Chicago among others. In conclusion, the RealReal company is also involved in charity services among them, donation to the people affected by Hurricane Harvey.

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