The Ultimate Guide to Freedom Pop

This is a sponsored FreedomPop Review. Got a problem with it? Didn’t think so :)

FreedomPop is certainly getting a lot of positive attention and challenging cell-phone carriers to take a second look at the way that they operate. FreedomPop is enticing people away from high priced cell-phone carriers that over charge them for their service. They are also venturing out to the WiFi market and capturing new members with their WiFi hotspot Apps that promise unlimited WiFi for a mere $5 per month. FreedomPop is one sure way to cut the cellular bill and receive unlimited WiFi. Perfect for Android tablet and cell-phone users that are very mobile or travel constantly.

In the beginning, FreedomPop reached out to the consumer with their low cost, Internet and cell phone plans. They promised to save the consumer hundreds on their Internet and cell phone bill per year. They operate a bit differently. They offer low cost Internet and cellular services both over a mobile network. The mobile network is very fast, safe, and reliable. However, the company does not own the mobile network. The good news is that the mobile network used is SPRINT. Now, they are rolling out a brand new service, WIFI hotspots. 

FreedomPop is also doing something that has never been done before. They are one of the first to target their service at those that are disgusted with paying high prices for plans that go along with their mobile service. WiFi hotspots is perfect for the person that would like to hop online quick and check their email or even do a bit of surfing around the Internet on a deactivated cell phone with WiFi. FreedomPop promises hotspot availability at places like popular fast food restaurants, coffee shops, and other well known retailers. 

In order to get started enjoying this new low cost entry into WiFi, the consumer will need to download their FreedomPop App. Available for free download to Android devices. Clearly, their plan to offer unlimited WiFi for $5 seems to be catching on with millions of new users.

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