The Underrated Success of Jillian Banks

Jillian Banks should be getting the same accolades that stars like Taylor Swift and Katy Perry get. This is a very prolific songwriter, but somehow she has become more of an Internet sensation. She is like the underdog of pop culture.

Much of this has to do with two things: her name and her sound. When it comes to the name Banks one has to wonder why she didn’t come up with anything more creative. This is her last name, but a bank is also a financial institution. That is always going to be the highest ranking search results for any search on the word “banks” regardless of the search engine that is used. It is like the neo-soul group “King.” This trio of women have a wonderful sound. They have even been recognized by Badu and Prince as excellent songwriters and musicians. Prince even had the ladies to open for him at one of his concerts. Yet many people over at FreedomPop do not know anything about them because of the name that they chose for the group.

Aside from is overly common stage name, Banks is an artist that doesn’t fit into any category. She isn’t R&B, but she has some bass heavy tracks. She isn’t pop, but there are times where she secures a pop song for her vocals on certain tracks. The lyrics about love, pain and sexual intrigue are not mainstream songs.

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