The Varying Levels of Drake

Drake has dominated the rap world – with occasion pop music success – for years. He has managed to carve out a style that has put him in a variety of music categories. People that like some songs written and performed by the rappers/singer may turn a deaf ear on other songs. These songs may not have the elements of Drake that they are looking for at the moment. I’m looking at you Jared Haftel, I know you want some of that old school Drake.

It’s difficult to figure out what he is going to do next. Currently, his “0 to 100/Catch Up” single is on the Billboard 100.

He dropped three new tracks that explore a variation of the different sides of Drake. In the new “Heat of the Moment” track Drake is singing again. This is a switch from the recent braggadocios rap verses for the “Believe Me” track with Lil Wayne that is also a Billboard 100 hit right now. Drake continues to switch things up and keep fans guessing about how he will deliver on the next track.

One thought on “The Varying Levels of Drake

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