The World of Cancer Therapist Specialist, Clay Siegall

Clay Siegall is the founder and CEO of Seattle Genetics, a company that comes up with innovations that relate to therapies for different types of Cancers. The company is based in Seattle, was established in 1988.

Dr. Siegall holds a Bachelor degree in Zoology which he attained from the University of Maryland. He also has a Genetics Ph.D. that he got from George Washington University. This solid education background together with the wealth of experience that Clay possesses have enabled him to manage Seattle Genetics excellently.

During an interview, Siegall shares the details of what made him establish the company and his journey since then. Siegall explained that the reason he was inspired to start up the company was that he had always been passionate about medicine and technology as a way to save lives of humans who suffered from terminal illnesses. Siegall further explained that Seattle Genetics does not only improve lives of those who have Cancer by selling them required drugs, but also manufactures some drugs, and this is one way in which the company generates revenue.

Another way in which Seattle Genetics makes money is through the partnerships made as well as making cash through the innovations that the highly competent and experienced team at the company comes up with. Clay says that at one point he doubted whether his company would pick up. He, however, explained that the success of the company was due to his persistence and hard work and as he continued to work, he overcame the fear of failure.

Clay Siegall attributes the success of Seattle Genetics to nothing else but hard work, not just from him, but his staff as well. He also explained that hard work without passion for what one does is useless. Lucky for him, he had both of these attributes that made him successful.

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