Thor Halvorssen: A Classical Liberal

One thing that can’t be done to Thor Halvorssen is having a label attached to him that he does not choose. Thor Halvorssen has been speculated about by many people. Some people have thought of him as a right-winger because of his criticism of left-wing dictatorships in Latin America.

He has also received funding from conservative foundations. While he does believe that he is doing good for the oppressed, there are people who take offense to the fact that he is receiving funding from conservative sources. However, Thor Halvorssen is not one who subscribes to a political party or accepts labels. He is someone what is all about human rights. Learn more about Thor Halvorssen:

If Thor was to choose a party, then he would consider himself a classical liberal. He is someone that is willing to take a stand against government corruption. This is a fight that he is willing to take on at all costs. He is also someone that uses wisdom when it comes to dealing with each and every circumstance that involves human rights violations.

Therefore, he is one of the more trusted activists when it comes to fighting oppression. Thor stands out from among the other activists in that he is willing to educate and make things right among people. Read more: Trouble Maker for Tyrants | Weekly Standard

One thing that makes Thor Halvorssen so effective as an activist is that he does not operate from hate, fear, or any other form of negativity. He operates from love. As a matter of fact, he has made a statement that he loves people. He also makes sure that he takes on the issue with an energy and intensity that can rival that of the tyrants.

Thor Halvorssen is someone that can be counted on when it comes to the fight for human rights. While the fight is far from over, Thor is sure to put a huge dent in the battle.

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