Thor Halvorssen’s Political Activism and Film Production

Thor Halvorssen is a revolutionary political activist with an inclination to philanthropy and film production. He has his voiced his perception on the topics on top international media houses such as New York Times, which regards him as the hero of the underdogs and the voiceless. In 2010, Thor delivered a TEDx talk at the University of Pennsylvania. He started his political works in 1989 in the United Kingdom by strategizing resistance to the South African Apartheid leaders. He is a Venezuelan and Norwegian native who got inspiration from his father’s political imprisonment in the Venezuelan region. In 2004, Thor started Human Rights Foundation in New York after his mother’s fatal death during a political protest. The organization promotes democracy and perseverance for supporters of political prisoners. It works to liberate federal inmates in Latin America through legal court measures. Since its set up, Human Rights has overseen the release of seven political activists by providing substantial evidence to Truth Commissions, presenting particular cases to key international human rights bodies and educating the public on individual rights and laws of the state click here.


Thor Halvorssen hosts regular political events geared towards various movements. In 2014, Thor set up Hack North Korea to increase information overflow to North Koreans. He gathered engineers, investors, designers, activists, technologists and defectors to input into the mission. He established College Freedom Forum at Yale University, the University of Colorado and Tufts University to educate students on their rights and the state of the laws. His Linkedin, In 2012 and 2013, Thor helped sensitize the public on the impact of electing authoritarian elects into power during the New York United Nations gathering. With the support of Peter Thiel, Sergey Brin, Anne Woiciki and Aung San Suu Kyi, Thor’s HRF brought awareness on how people dehumanize one another. The event educated the public on the resolutions of restoring humanity in the grassroots. Thor is the founder of Oslo Freedom, which hosts an annual gathering for human rights supporters. Thor film work includes founding Moving Picture Institute and acquiring Ny Tid, a Norwegian news magazine. Currently, he is working with Bryan Singer to reproduce Robert Heinlein’s film; The Moon is a Harsh Mistress.

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