Tidal and the Secret Weapon that Desiree Perez Launched to Lure Customers

Tidal is a music streaming service that is finally starting to flourish and Jay-Z has longtime friend does Dez Perez to thank for this. In the early stages of his ownership of Tidal Jay-Z struggled to really get a hold on what the music streaming industry was about. He knew that there was a lot of money to be made in this industry, but he didn’t have all of the right tools in place to actually make this happen. It took a business mind like Desiree Perez to incorporate street knowledge and a corporate boardroom negotiating skills two bring forth some change within this music streaming service.


Most music lovers were already into their favorite music streaming services like Pandora and Spotify. A lot of these consumers were getting music free through these streaming services while other music lovers were downloading torrents or utilizing YouTube to hear new music. It seemed like an irrational possibility for anyone to want to pay to join Tidal when there are already so many alternatives available. The thing that really made it difficult for Dez Perez to lure customers in the beginning was the simple fact that other alternatives were free. This did not deter Desiree Perez. She knew exactly what she was up against and she still put in the time to change the structure of this company.


Desiree Perez knew that she could compete with the other music streaming juggernauts like iHeartRadio and Spotify. There was just a question of how she would go about doing this. In time she discovered that exclusive content would be her secret weapon to launch against the competition. This has served her well because customers that were used to free alternatives are now signing up because they can’t get access to this Tidal exclusive music anywhere else.


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