Tim Ioannides Exemplifies the Human Element of Healthcare

In an industry oftentimes known for being cold and hyper-focused on business and less on the patient, Dr. Tim Ioannides practices in a way not commonly seen – by putting his people first.

Tim Ioannides has been a part of the Florida medical community since earning his degree at the University of Miami School of Medicine and then completing his residency at the University of Miami School of Medicine in the Department of Dermatology and Cutaneous Surgery at Jackson Memorial Hospital. Now practicing from and operating five locations in the Port St. Lucie area, Dr. Ioannides is no stranger to the unique dermatological needs of South Floridians. Although he specializes and excels in treating skin cancers, tumors, and other skin conditions by using a proactive approach to medical care, his most outstanding expertise is more in personal care.

Spanning from his own office staff and all the way through to each of his patients, Dr. Ioannides focuses on the human element of healthcare. Within each practice, he believes in creating an atmosphere of success. “I am confident that the professional environment within the Treasure Coast Dermatology Center plays a large part in the happiness of all staff,” Dr. Ioannides states. He maintains the mindset that all people need to be treated well and not as “replaceable commodities.”

In addition to his staff, Dr. Ioannides maintains a deep-rooted focus on his patients. While other practitioners dive head-first into the latest technology, Dr. Ioannides believes it is “crucially vital” to his success that he not use medical records. Eye contact, engagement, and complete focus on the patient is his main concern. One of his signature special touches is his use of handwritten letters. As a means to maintain a proactive relationship, Dr. Ioannides sees it as a way to offer a bit of humanity to the field.

About Tim Ioannides: medium.com/@timioannides

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