Top 5 Wines to Drink During the Holidays

There is no point if you are not enjoying your holidays with your friends and family. According to all, there are a couple of things without which your holidays are not complete that includes but not limits to quality time with family, leisure activities, great food and of course some good wine. Without a good wine, your dinners are truly dull. Hence, for the sake of a great holiday, you should grab some good wine. We are going to tell about some good wines that you can enjoy the coming holidays. The list of wines is actually from UK Vintners PLC, an independent wine merchant from the UK that specializes in acquisition and sale of the best quality wines from across the globe.

Before we proceed to the list, we should mention that UK Vintners is considered among the top wine importers and sellers in the UK. They have a team of devoted fine wine consultants with years of expertise. Although it is a small team, they clearly know how to find out the most exquisite wines from different parts of the world and deliver it to your doorstep.

They can help you to find out the best wine or champagne as per your taste as well as budget and make you look like an expert on wine. So when they came up with a list of best wines for the 2016 holidays, it became a must for all of us to go through it as we all love a good wine on the dining table.

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  1. Beychevelle (2008)

According to UK Vintners, Beychevelle from 2008 is a great choice if you like soft and fruity taste in your wine. As a cherry on top, it has a hint of raspberry and cranberry as well. This amazing wine comes from the Saint-Julien appellation, and it is best to serve and enjoy this drink within the first 15 years of bottling.

  1. D’Yquem (2009)

The next choice of UK Vintners, D’Yquem (2009) is a great choice for the festive Christmas as it is loaded with the hints of apricot, honey, sweet spiced pears and other exotic spices. This exquisite wine comes from Chateau d’Yquem Winery located in Graves, France. With 400 years of pedigree, this is one of the most amazing wines that will never disappoint you on holidays.

  1. Montrose (1998)

Montrose (1998) is mostly made from Merlot grapes and has a distinctive earthy, plum and black cherry aroma. It is one of the best wines that the St.-Estephe region has to offer. If you want something special for your holidays either Christmas or New Year’s Eve, this is the option for you all.

  1. Ducru Beaucaillou (2005)

This amazing wine from the Ducru Beaucailou winery in France is a great choice to show off your classy taste. A bottle of Ducru Beaucaillou (2005) is matured over the last 11 years to give you a full and aged flavor as well a unique dark purple color.

  1. Pichon Baron (1998)

This amazing wine which has been maturing in the bottle since 1998 has a perfect hint of charcoal, black currants, sweet toasty oak and it is also low in acid. These characteristics put Pichon Baron (1998) among the top 5 wines to try in the holidays.

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