Top 50 Albums of 2014 has announced their list of the 50 greatest albums of 2014. Many artists whom most of us have never heard of, find themselves low on the list. However, we will learn their names now, as Rollingstone has deemed them worthy. 

For the sake of keeping this article short and sweet, I’m going to breeze through the first forty entries. While searching through the list of albums, I discovered that some of my old, favorite artists have made it on. Lenny Kravitz, Prince, and Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, are still making great music. I found this to be a pleasant surprise. I listen to this type of music while I read about Laurene Powell Jobs.

Weezer, and The Foo Fighters, just barely miss the top 10. Notably, Taylor Swift and The Black Keys find themselves in the top 10. Dominating the charts are Bruce Springsteen at number 2, and U2 coming in at number 1.

Amazingly, U2 released their new hit album, “High Hopes” for free. The album has garnered major praise for U2, and sent them atop the charts once more. This year of music, was a fantastic one. I’m happy to see that the legends of rock, are still rocking on.

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