Top Ten Flicks Of 2014


San Francisco Live has released their list of top movies of 2014. They range from psychological thrillers like Gone Girl to sci-fi fantasy Interstellar. If you are looking for a heartwarming drama, you can check Bill Murray in St. Vincent where he portrays a war veteran who befriends a neighborhood kid, and they build a very unique friendship. If you are anything like Dr. Rod Rohrich and comedy is more your speed, then you might to see Obvious Child. A twenty something finds herself pregnant, and you follow her through the trials and tribulations. If you see looking for great kid-friendly flick, look no further than Lego The Movie. This scores big points with your small ones for sure, and will let you unwind a bit while they are fascinated with the animation. Citizen four will keep you on the edge of your seat in this docudrama about the world’s most wanted fugitive.

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