Tracking George Soros Early Life, Education Background, Career Path And Net Worth


Early life

According to his Investopedia profile, George Soros was born on 12 August 1930 in Hungary. According to George Soro’s biography, his father taught him how to speak Esperanto, the most widely spoken constructed language in the world. His father, Tivandar Soros, was a professional lawyer and a doctor. When the Nazi invaded their country, George started to trade currencies on the black market. During the Nazi era, trading currency on the black market was punishable by death. Soro knew what he was subjecting his whole family into, but he continued to trade currencies because after all they were already getting it rough under the Nazi regime.
He lived in Hungary until 1946 when he decided to flee to England. Without a Visa, he managed to evade several Red Army check points. He managed to flee Hungary without money, without a visa, without a permit to leave the country and without any connection any outside help. During his recent interview, Soro said that he left Hungary because he was tired of the Soviet’s occupation.
Education background and Career path
Forbes says upon reaching the U.K, he enrolled at the London School of Economics to study economics. He was able to support himself while in the university again without the outside help or financial help. He also studied philosophy up to the Ph.D. level at the same institution. He graduated in 1952 and embarked on his journey towards career success.
He wanted to leave England for Hungary, but things in his native country had not cooled yet. He, therefore, accepted an entry-level job to work in a brokerage firm. After a few years working in London, Soro changed his mind completely. Instead of going back to his native country, he decided to move to the United States. Again with no connection, upon arriving in the United States, several firms that he contacted wanted to work with him. He worked for several firms before establishing his own financial company.
George Soros’s Net Worth
Today, George Soros is a renowned businessman, an investor and an active philanthropist. As of October 2015, his estimated net worth was around $27.3 billion. He is also a renowned philanthropy who has supported several progressive causes through his Open Society Foundations. Since 1970, he has spent over $8 billion funding educational groups, human rights activists and public health.
One of his notable philanthropic works was when he gave Human Rights Watch donations amounting to $100 million. He has also donated over 150 million dollars to human right activities in Roma.
Currently, his firm the Quantum Fund LLC manages assets amounting to around $28 billion. His wealth and current connections have also enabled him to partner with several global companies to invest in clean energy. One of such companies is Silver Lake, a private equity firm committed to technology investing.

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