Trending Men’s Shoe Colors

Certainly, the traditional mens shoe colors were a staple in every man’s shoe wardrobe. Now, the tide has turned. Men are allowed to express themselves with more color. This change has certainly hit the leather shoes market. The fact is that the shoe color selected is more than just a color. The color tells you a lot about the man behind the color. The shoe color also affects the way that people regard the man too. Therefore, it is a good idea to give a lot of thought to the shoe color that is selected for work, social events, or casual wear. In this article we will take a look at the trending shoe colors for men and what they express about the wearer’s personality.

Trending Men’s Shoe Colors
The hot fashion trend for this year and every year is black. Every man should have at least one quality leather pair of black shoes in Oxfords, boots, casual leather sneakers. Black is the basic shoe color that fits with work attire. It goes equally well with jeans or a dark suit. Black is the color that is associated with power, strength, aggression, elegance, and sophistication. Another trending, color is a dark, rich brown. Brown shoes are suitable for the office or casual wear. Brown is the color of the earth. It is an elegant and stable color. Burgundy shoes are hitting the walkways. Burgundy is a dark, rich, and elegant red. Burgundy is a color that demands attention and demonstrates strength.

Paul Evans Shoes
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