UK PLC- French Wine Extraordinaires

United Kingdom Vintners (UKV) PLC, a UK based wine company, has put out a comprehensive guide to french wines. The guide, originally posted to, is a great crash course for beginners who may be looking for an entry point. Experienced wine connoisseurs can also expect to learn a thing or two. The article is demonstrative of UKV PLC’s expert knowledge in their craft, and is a worthwhile read for anyone interested in french wines to know more: click here.
Before diving into the specifics, we are first given a brief primer on french wines. French wines differ from others in that they are differentiated based on the region of origin, rather than the grapes they are comprised on. Each of the four wines described in the article are from a different region of France. UKV PLC explains that this is derived from the French concept of terroir, wherein it is the climate, soil, and topography that give a wine its own unique taste, rather than the grape.
UKV PLC describes four different regional variants of French wines; Burgundy, Bordeaux, Champagne, and Loire. Each different region has a very unique subset of wines, each with widely varying tastes and historical origins. Bordeaux, for example, has a history of trading its wines with foreign countries. Loire is the most diverse region for French wines, with 87 different appellations for production. Lastly, Champagne and Burgundy are famous for the long lasting traditions for making the wine, and the distinct flavors produced by them.
UKV PLC curates and distributes French wines from several different chains. Because they aren’t tied to a single company, UKV PLC can are not limited to any single supply chain. The business operates mostly on acquiring and selling many different types of wine on behalf of private individuals and trade customers. Additionally, UK PLC also allows for consultations in which customers can be informed on what type of wine is best for them.
The information provided is indicative of UKV PLC’s comprehensive knowledge of their field. With a sweeping social media presence, the company has made a name for itself as one of the UK’s most trusted names in French wine.

The company is made up of a small yet intensely passionate team dedicated helping their customers identify the perfect wine for any occasion. Their knowledge of the craft is vast and trustworthy. UKV PLC is without question the destination for French wines.

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