US Money Reserve Begins Campaign for Hungry Families


US Money Reserve, Inc is one of the largest distributors of gold, specifically government issued silver, gold and platinum coinage. US money Reserve, Inc is known for their customer service and expertise in the market that have lead to many referred customers. The foundations of the US Money Reserve are what has lead to their success and professional trustworthy reputation. The company began with a group of metal and gold experts coming together to create an industry in which the valuable coins could be directly distributed as investment. Upon this revolutionary idea, US Money Reserve began and has taken off since its inception. Now, return and referred customers have made the company into one of the largest companies in its field.

This year, the US Money Reserve Inc has taken on a campaign to provide food for the hungry in Central Texas. The announcement of the latest fundraising drive was made in the Digital Journal. They have started a Crowdrise donation campaign to find extra money to give to the Central Area Food Bank of Texas. Last year, the Central Area Food Bank of Texas provided 31 million pounds of food to hungry families. This will be the 30th year of service for the Central Area Food Bank of Texas.

This is only one of the many initiatives that the US Money Reserve funds, and it actively encourages its clients and partners to participate in the community in similar ways. The active engagement with the community in order to advance the social responsibility of the company has been a mainstay at the US Money Reserve for years. Their current initiatives includes 21 counties in Central Texas with over 200 partnering agencies that all contribute in various ways to feed the hungry, especially around the holiday season when no family should be hungry.

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