Veterans are Appreciative the US Money Reserves Support of Lone Sailor Memorial


U.S. veterans from WWII and those who have served in the armed forces appreciate the support of the United States Money Reserve (USMR) according to This precious metal coin seller has created a 75th Anniversary Pearl Harbor coin that they are selling for the United States Navy Memorial Foundation. The Pearl Harbor coin is made out of gold and silver and it features the image of the Lone Sailor.

The Lone Sailor is a famous statue and iconic figure that has been around since the 1980’s. This particular figure is constructed as a statue that has been located at different naval bases all across the country. The next place where a model of the Lone Sailor is going to be erected is at Pearl Harbor. Veterans and current servicemen who are a part of the Navy Memorial Foundation really appreciate the US Money Reserve for raising funds to get this memorial set in place.

The Lone Sailor memorial is a seven foot high statue made out of brass and it weighs over 1000 pounds. The figure of the Lone Sailor is standing next to a duffle bag. This sailor will be erected on a docking area at Pearl Harbor looking out into the Pacific Ocean. Every year, the Navy Memorial Foundation sponsors events that are related to the Lone Star. Memorial and Veterans Day are two time of the year where the Lone Sailor is remembered and so is Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day. Veterans from all over the nation use the Lone Sailor symbol to pay tribute to fellow sailors all over the world.

The Lone Sailor statue at Pearl Harbor is expected to be erected before Memorial Day of 2016. If not, it will be in place by December 7 within the same year. Veterans are anticipating for this iconic statue to be set up at Pearl Harbor because its presence there will help everyone to remember one of the darkest and best moments in American history. There is more information about the Lone Sailor on Yahoo.

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