Voting Period Starts For Contest Co-Sponsored By Milstein Family Foundation

On March 20th the voting period began for the Inspired By Israel contest. It is expected that hundreds of thousands of people, both Jews and non-Jews alike will participate in the first voting period. The first voting period is when the general public decides which video of all the entrants will make it to the final 10.


Once the general public has voted for a span of 10 days beginning on the 19th of March and ending on the 29th of March, the top ten most popular videos will be screened before a panel of judges who will decide the winner. About 80 different people and organizations have entered this year’s contest. The grand prize winner of the contest will receive an award of $8,000 dollars. Total prize money given out during the entire contest is $20,000 with runners-up receiving smaller cash prizes.


The major sponsors of the Inspired by Israel Contest are the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation along with the 12Tribe Films Foundation. IsraelVideoNetwork is the official host of the contest. The official winner of the contest will be announced on the 30th of April, when public voting has ended and after the panel of judges have screened all of the final ten contestants. The judges include Adam Milstein of the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, David Suissa of the Jewish Journal and Tribe Media and Michael Dickson of StandWithUs Israel.


The goal of the Inspired By Israel Contest is to broadcast by video the people, places and innovation of Israel that inspire not just Israelis and Jews but people all over the world. The winning video will be broadcast and shown on the online pages of major Jewish media outlets such as the Jerusalem Post and Algemeiner. Jewish organizations and represented officials will also screen the winning video.


Who Is Adam Milstein And What Does The Milstein Family Foundation Do?


Adam Milstein is a major Jewish philanthropist who founded the Milstein Family Foundation along with his wife, Gila. The Milstein Family Foundation supports, organizations efforts and events such as the Inspired By Israel Contest, StandwithUs Israel and Birthrate Israel.

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