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Due to the new presidential election outcome, many business around the world are in an upheaval. The new President Donald Trump’s opinions put fear into the hearts of investors and major corporations worldwide on dumbfounded.com. The future outcome of Trump’s decisions on foreign and trade policies will affect corporations across the globe. Since January 2017, investors have done the unthinkable and pulled 100 billion dollars from the market. This is a direct reaction to the unpredictable nature of the new American President, Donald Trump.

VTA Publications’ Jim Hunt has given investors worldwide a new sense of peace. He has amassed followers who look to his weekly vides analyzing the market for a sound mind. Hunt’s ability to give a fair analysis on the worldwide market, makes his statistics reliable and easy to comprehend. The financial status of the global market no longer must remain be a mystery with Jim Hunt’s insight.

In Hunt’s latest video, he takes a closer look at the bigger picture. He takes the market back to 1980 to review on prnewchannel.com. The past shows clearly that the market is not in the same negative downfall condition that is was in the past. This analysis has put to ease the wary minds of investors in the market.

After Donald Trump was elected as President, the Dow has dropped an exceeding 1,000 points. Spectators pin point this on the unpredictable nature of the new President. Hunt’s analysis shows that the market will see a downturn, sending the market into a place of uncertainty. In hindsight, there are some parts of the market that will flourish from Trumps election, while many will fall. Be sure to Watch Jim Hunt on YouTube for important updates and market analysis videos weekly.

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VTA Publications was founded in 2012, and is a publisher of non-fiction educational courses. VTA also organizes events for expert genres. VTA Publications enlightens its customers with top-notch digital and physical educational resources. The resources are free and aim to enhance the minds of its students. VTA has expert experience in finance and economics. Please visit www.vtapublications.com for more information.

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