Watching One Life to Live

“One Life to Live” is the name of a soap opera that was broadcast on ABC, and is one of the longest running soap operas on television.

One Life to Live first went on the air in 1968 and was broadcast until its very last episode in 2012. The show was created by Agnes Nixon and went through several writers over the course of the series. The show takes place in a suburb of Philadelphia and focuses heavily on the wealthy Lord family, particularly the character of Victoria “Viki” Lord. Other families aside from the Lords were ones from varying cliques including the Woleks, the Rileys and also the African-American Grays. The series was heavily applauded for managing to efficiently portray various families of all kinds of socioeconomic backgrounds as well as relating them to the audience and involving social issues into the mix in a respectable way. As a result, the show also won several Daytime Emmy Awards.

Being a long running show, there have been a ton of characters featured on “One Life to Live,” and Stacy Morasco, who was played by Crystal Hunt, is just one of those many characters. Stacy Morasco’s first appearance was during the 2009 run of the show and was seen as a “bad girl.” Her first appearance starts with her being the younger sister of Gigi, and working as a Las Vegas stripper. As time goes on, she takes an interest in Gigi’s love life, particularly with Rex Balsom to the point where she decides to follow them back to Philadelphia to keep watch. In the process she also takes a strong liking to Rex’s son Shane, even though she may come off as a bad influence. However, her closeness with him leads to suspicions that she may be there solely to try and seduce Rex.

Aside from the role of Stacy Morasco, Crystal Hunt has an IMDb page that shows she has taken on many other roles in movies and television series. For instance, playing the character of Lizzie Spaulding in another daytime soap opera “Guiding Light,” was her other big role to date. She was on the show for three years and her role earned her a Daytime Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Younger Actress. Other notables roles Hunt has been in include playing in “The Derby Stallion,” 2015’s “Magic Mike XXL,” and most recently as just herself in “Queens of Drama,” a new reality television show.  Follow Crystal on Instagram to keep up with her career.

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