WEN: The Perfect Formula For Volume, Shine, And Extra Time In Your Routine

A product deemed on QVC to be an all in one time saver that is healthier for your hair seems too good to be true. But is it? Emily McClure decided to get to the bottom of the claims and reported her findings to Bustle, so we didn’t have to.
Chaz Dean makes a hair saving product called WEN hair, that includes a cleansing agent like a shampoo, a conditioner to keep strands healthy, and replaces the need for a styling product. More room in our beauty cabinets and time in our morning routine, that sounds great! Not only does the WEN cleansing conditioner save time and space in the hair care routine, but it also saves the strands from damage.

Wen hair conditioner does not strip the hair of it’s natural oils. The natural oils are what coat the strands to keep them healthy and protect them from damage. WEN does not contain stripping and lathering agents. Emily reported that using the Amazon sweet almond cleansing conditioner in the shower was a unique experience. The formula didn’t lather, and her hair actually felt much thicker in her hands while using the product.

After styling her hair, the pictures prove that a product for volume was not necessary. The volume at the roots was incredible but the shine and vibrancy in her hair was also unmatched. The natural botanical oils infused in the conditioner imparted shine that is truly unrivaled by any other hair product.

The natural oils maintained in the hair in addition to the botanical extracts created a beautiful shine but the stark contrast to the lathering shampoos that contained no conditioners and stripped her oils made her hair feel a little weighed down. By switching her night time wash to the morning, all faith in lightweight voluminous strands was restored.

Visit http://www.wen.com/ for more details.

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