Wengie Gives Tips For Easy Weight Loss

Wengie is an Australian vlogger that has become highly successful through her makeup tutorials but she is also well known for her DIY videos as well as life hack videos. People everywhere can’t seem to get enough of her fun and informational posts. In one of her recent posts, she gives her audience thirty hacks to help you lose weight easily.


One of her biggest tips was to make sure to drink lemon water to help maintain sugar levels in the blood. Lemon water also helps to detoxify your body and clear your skin. She also says that if you drink two cups of cold water on an empty stomach that it will boost your metabolism by thirty percent throughout the day. If you drink a glass of water before you eat a meal you will also eat less and lose weight. She also says that eating off of a smaller plate will keep you from eating too much food. She recommends using plates that contrast the color of the food so that your brain will recognize how much you are eating more easily.


Some of the other helpful tips that Wengie gives to help lose weight include working out at the beginning of the week so that you stay on track, wear workout clothes around the house to help inspire you, wear a pedometer to keep up with how much walking you do and it will help motivate you to get moving. Also, she suggests eating slower and eating several small meals throughout the day.


Wengie always has informative and visually entertaining videos that can help with a variety of life’s little issues. She releases videos twice per week and she also has an Instagram that fans can follow.


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