Wengie Shares 10 Clever Life Hacks in Video

In her video titled “10 Life Hacks You Must Try!”, Wengie shares several helpful life hacks with her audience that she uses on a day to day basis.


For her first hack, Wengie demonstrates how she uses a razor to remove lint from a sweater. She goes on to show her audience a way to remove keys from a key ring with the use of a staple remover.


Her third hack is tailored towards people who tend to be forgetful and consists of placing your wallet, phone, and keys in a neat pile so you’ll know where they’re located when it comes time to leave.


Her fourth hack shows people a more effective way to mark out words on a piece of paper. Instead of trying to scratch out words with a pen using marks going left to right, she suggests crossing out words by writing random letters and numbers on top of them. That way the words will remain eligible.


For people who don’t like folding their clothes, Wengie suggests dumping them on your bed in her fifth life hack. By doing so you’ll be forced to fold your clothes before you go to sleep.


If you need to carry around important documents, try putting them in a ziplock bag so they won’t get mangled in your purse. Wengie says her sixth life hack will keep receipts and other papers crisp and crinkle free.


For her seventh life hack, Wengie suggests lining the bottom of your garbage bag with used newspaper to prevent leaks. She also suggests using an upside down wall hook to secure the handles of your trash bag to the sides of the garbage bin.


Wengie points out that you can use a dry erase marker to mark your preferred shower water temperature in her eighth hack, and in her ninth hack she demonstrates how she avoids crumbs in cereal by sifting it through a colander.


Her 10th hack involves taking pictures of the items in your refrigerator before going shopping to avoid buying products you already have.



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