White Shark Media: A Digital Marketing Company on the Rise

White Shark Media came into existence back in 2011. Since that time, this organization has been working hard to distinguish itself within the realm of digital marketing. In today’s business climate, an enterprise must have a strong online presence and marketing is a part of this process.

White Shark Media has the tools and resources to help businesses to excel. They have about 150 employees that services about 600 clients. The employees at White Shark are exceptionally talented individuals who understand the internet and how important it is to a business’s success.

This organization provides high quality search engine optimization and online marketing benefits. They want to ensure that their clients are getting the best service that they can provide. Their techniques include the use of all marketing techniques that are impacting the market today. Pay per click, search engine management and ad word placement are just some of the processes that White Shark uses to get results for their clients.

The founders of White Shark Media consist of Alexander Nygart and he is the CEO of the organization. Gary Garth is the next co-founder and he works as the company’s Chief Business Development Officer and Andrew Lolk who provides his expertise to the company in the form of support. All three men are from Denmark and they moved to America to promote this endeavor. White Shark Media is headquartered in Miami, Florida.

The core values of White Shark Media are very important to the company’s success. This organization treats their clients as if they have a personal stake in their business. They also present their work in a highly polished and professional manner. This even causes the members of White Shark Media to go all out to meet their client’s expectations.

White Shark pays attention to details and produces high quality results for customers. They provide good enough service and are able to retain at least 10% of their former clients. This company has been steadily increasing their revenue since they were first founded. They are truly on the rise and is expected to become a dominant digital marketing provider in the future.

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