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White Shark Media based in Miami, Florida is an ad agency that offers small businesses Search Engine Optimization (SE0) to help businesses improve their ranking by improving by offering clients improvements to their web pages adding clarity and coherence to your keywords to help improve visibility for targeted research. They also help clients develop and use pay per chick (PPC) marketing.


They have marketing experience in both on line and offline business and have a bi-lingual staff to meet client needs.


They have a multi-disciplined team to focus on your specific needs. They will make sure that your web page is user friendly so that you can make adjustments to your web as your needs change.


Your home page is the most important one on your web site and it needs to be user friendly and have a clearly and easily understood menu so that accessing your external links is hassle free. They will work with clients to make sure that the external links are relevant and current.


Among the more important evaluations they will help you with will be setting goals, targeting the audience you wish to reach.They will work with you to make sure that your web content is current and relevant to your goals and will help you develop a schedule to help you meet your deadlines.


Once you have the basics down it’s time to promote your content. Social media including Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus are excellent sources for this.


Finally there is paid search, a marketing tool that you use by buying ads on search engines (Search Engine Results Page) paying when your ad is clicked on or when ever your ad is shown. In addition, White Shark Media provides keyword level tracking to see what key words are generating phone calls for their clients.



White Shark can be found on Social Media sites Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and YouTube.



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