White Shark Media’s Rise To Marketing Power

Founded in 2011, White Shark Media has grown to be one of the most prominent online marketing companies for small to mid-size businesses. They currently have a client base of over a 1000 businesses, more than 150 employees, and are present in 3 different countries. The employee base consists of bilingual experts who have a proven track record in the field of marketing. Under the leadership of Alexander Nygart, a co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, the company has become Google AdWords Premier SMB Partner for the United States. This makes them one of only 29 companies who obtained this recognition.

By providing quality services to their clients, White Shark Media got many excellent reviews and testimonials from those businesses. People have complimented them for being pro-active, enabling small businesses to double or triple their sales, having great communication and professionalism, and much more. People from various states and industries around the country have had a chance to work with this company, and a large percentage of them has made it their permanent partner due to the success of the joint venture.

One of the most important differentiators for this company is Google AdWords Premier SMB Partnership. When the company got started 6 years ago, it only took one year for Google to notice their rapid growth. Thus, in 2012, the company was invited to Google Headquarters. A few years later, collaboration with Google paid off as they were offered a partnership that less than 30 companies in the entire world have.

Besides Google, other famous platforms have recognized White Shard Media for their endeavors. For example, the company is also Bing Ads Authorized Reseller. Every employee of this organization is currently required to pass the tests of these partnerships at least once a year. This is how continued education and competency are ensured.

Customer service might be one of the main reasons for this success. With a list of over 50 FAQs, free evaluations, bilingual service, 24/7 e-mail access, and more, this company works hard to stay connected with their current and prospective customers. By doing so, they are able to seize a large portion of the market share, which is reflected by thousands of companies that worked with them at some point.

The future of the company is focused on growth. They are expecting to keep providing quality services in the area of online marketing and promote more partners that will help the company grow.

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