Whitney Wolfe and Her Wedding on the Amalfi Coast

When Bumble CEO Whitney Wolfe wed her long-time partner Michael Herd on the Almalfi Coast, she decided to keep social media coverage of the event leading up to it at a minimum. However, considering the Almalfi Coast of Italy is known for its luxurious, scenic and breathtaking views it is definitely understood that only the most extravagant weddings will occur at that location. Wolfe and Herd’s wedding not only was no exception, but it was probably the best of the best. Wolfe and her planners had it organized down to the very last detail and not one expense was spared. It will truly be the memory of a lifetime.

Just to sum it up, Whitney Wolfe and Michael Herd’s wedding included a number of benefits, including seating worthy of an arena and a huge assortment of maritime ships. Moreover, Wolfe underwent a number of clothing changes as well. They enlisted the help of wedding stylist Cynthia Cook Smith to coordinate outfits for the four-day event in late September, and she didn’t disappoint.

Her first dress was on Thursday night and it was a Valli design that basically rendered everyone speechless much like it did when it was worn by Kendall Jenner on the Cannes red carpet. That Friday, she wore a De La Renta gown in a stunning blue color during the day and then a remarkable designer dress in the evening. She topped that off in grand style on the day of her wedding, however. The icing on the cake had to have been the couture lace Oscar De La Renta gown complete with a four-foot train. She wore a DelphineManivet for supper after the nuptials and then a fancy dress for evening entertainment.

Whitney Wolfe founded Bumble after getting in touch with an acquaintance who also founded another dating app and he suggested that she found a dating app herself. This was the beginning of Bumble. Users have to sign in to Bumble utilizing Facebook, and they continue to make improvements to the app. In August, they announced they would ban hate speech from the site. What does this have to do with Wolfe’s wedding? A lot of things, actually, because like her wedding Wolfe only wants the best from everything. She continues to reinvent herself and make tweaks, and that is what Michael Herd and everyone else finds so appealing about her. Congratulations to Wolfe and her new husband are definitely in order!

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