Who Is Nine9?

Nine9 is the one agency that can transform your career in a new way and help you reach new levels in the industry. This company has all the right connections to guide you when you get started with acting and getting into the world of show business. The key is to be hardworking and specifically do your part when working with Nine9. Their actors have been featured in shows that have been on national television. Their amazing success stories can show proof that they know how to guide anyone to get on the right track. Nine9 CEO .

Barbara S.

This young girl was recently cast in a runway show that she got booked from through Nine9. She discovered that they helped guide her and get her seen by the right people. She loves getting all the new opportunities and getting auditions for new things often. Watch Video .

Maxine H.

This woman started with Nine9 and loved the new jobs that were being thrown her way. She was called in to instantly be an extra for Wheels and Homeland. She also just recently got to audition for a Samsung commercial. She loves getting the auditions because she knows it’s an experience in itself. Nine9 Blogs .

Nine9 has been in existence for many years. Starting back in 2003, they always knew that the outcasts needed a place to be. In a time where agencies are always looking for just the perfect people, they avoid working with all kinds of newbies because they aren’t seasoned actors. However, Nine9 does the exact opposite of that and they want to help all kinds of people get on the right path. They will help you with photos and guide you to being a better actor by giving great workshops. Nine9 is the agency for those of you looking to grow in the right acting direction.

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