Why Choose the 990SellsHomes.com for Your Next Listing

When it comes to listing your home for sale, you know how expensive things can get and how quickly this can happen. One of the main problems that most homeowners face is the closing costs, lawyer fees and all other attachments to selling their house. This is why the 990 Company was first established and why it continues to be a popular company to this day. The basis of the 990 Company is that listing your home is going to be done for a flat rate of $990. The offices of the 990 Company are available all around the country, making it easy to find a realty agent who works for this amount.

The founder of the company, Greg Hague, has a long line of education and experience in the real estate market. In fact, he grew up in a family of real estate agents, allowing him to become very familiar with the industry early on in his life. Greg Hague has a passion for helping average people and business owners. This is what drove him to create the 990 Company and have great success with it as well. He wants to be able to help people get their home sold for a flat rate without all of the hidden fees involved.

Greg Hague continues to work in the real estate market, growing his company to where it is today. Because of his rich history and experience in real estate, it has allowed him to work with and establish a variety of companies that have benefited those looking to sell their house. Greg Hague received his real estate license at the age of 18 and continued to go onto college to receive even more education for the benefit of his clients. This is what makes Mr. Hague stand out from the crowd and truly be a pioneer in the field he is working.

The 990 Company is one of the most popular realty companies around because of its immense location base and the fact that it helps people to sell their homes for a reasonable fee. No one likes the idea of hidden costs and prices, so this is a reason to choose the 990 Company for yourself. When you look at the 990sellshomes.com, you can search for a local agent in your area. This agent will be able to get all of the work done for $990, making the process a whole lot easier for you and anyone else who might be involved. There are a lot of benefits to selling a home, but so many people put it off because of the fees involved. With the 990 Company, this is simply not going to be an issue.

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