Why Ignoring Naysayers Led To Vinod Gupta’s Success In Business

Vinod Gupta is a notable entrepreneur who has been a leader at a wide range of companies over the past 40 years. He is the managing general partner at Everest Capital Partners, Inc. This is an investment firm located in Omaha, Nebraska. He founded his first company, Business Research Services & American Business Listings, in 1972. He led the company, now known as Infogroup, until August 2008 as its chair and CEO.

During his time leading Infogroup, he built it through acquiring other companies. Many of these were struggling companies that he turned around. It was this experience turning around unprofitable companies that led to him forming Everest Capital Partners in February 2008. His main focus is on database technology and how it can be used on the national and global levels.

Vinod Gupta hired a good team at Everest Capital Partners so it could operate without his direct hands-on involvement. He feels that his time is better spent on long-term strategies that are essential to the success of his firm. His company has been steadily acquiring information technology firms, including ones that do background checks, digital printing, and operations platforms.

When he established his first database company a lot of his peers told him that he was going in the wrong direction and would bankrupt himself. They told him that there was no market for what he was doing. His instinct told him that there was a need for what he was creating and so he endured. Vinod Gupta did a cost-benefit analysis and when this came back positive he decided to move forward. He was right because when this company was sold it was purchased for $680 million.

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