Why Infinity Group’s Client First Approach is Earning Serious Awards and Recognition

Infinity Group is now one of the companies on the Australian Financial Review’s list of most innovative companies. The mortgage broker has only been up and running since 2012 but has made a resounding impact in the lives of everyday Australians. The company runs on a “client first” philosophy which is emphasized and set forward by its founder Graeme Holm. The goal of Infinity Group Australia is to provide Australians with more than just a loan for their homes, but also with advice on how to pay it back in record time. Infinity Group also offers its clients other kinds of financial advice like how to pay off a home loan and how to plan for retirement and does so with a very structured process.

Graeme Holm, founder of the company came up with his business model while on a jog. He compares his business model to that of having a personal trainer for your finances. He states that when you go to the gym without a trainer, it is likely that you will feel overwhelmed and will not achieve as good a result as you would if you had expert coaching. The same psychology applies to Infinity Group, the company will loan you the money to buy a home, but will then continue to guide you through the process of paying it back.

The process is very straightforward. After a client receives a loan, they then let Infinity Group do an in-depth analysis of their household finances. Infinity Group will divide up the income and plan for a weekly budget with which the household can buy any essentials they need. The rest of the money is either put into savings or used to pay bills and any loans. After the client has gotten a hang of how to manage their finances better with the help of Infinity Group, the company will let the client do it on their own. they will send out monthly progress reports so that the client can have an idea of how they’re doing.

Holm says that the model works because Australians are now being educated on their own finances. Clients state that they have been able to pay 30-year mortgages in 7 to 10 years. The success of Graeme and Rebeca Holm’s company is what led them to gain the recognition of the AFR. AFR has an incredibly wide audience in Australia and is likely to increase Infinity Group’s popularity even more.¬†Learn more :¬†https://www.medianet.com.au/releases/166333/

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