Why Japanese Horror Still Captivates


Fear Is Universal

Every culture has its own form of horror. From prehistoric time onwards we have told ourselves scary tales. The Japanese have one of the most vibrant horror scenes out there in anime with themes ranging from the supernatural to more realistic suspense. Japan is obviously not the United States or Europe, so there are differences in anime horror. The horror tends to revolve around traditional Japanese folklore such as the slit mouthed woman and demons of the Shinto religion. However, anyone can enjoy it no matter where you were born. There are a lot of badass anime characters, but few can compare to these amazing choices.



Horror In Animated Format

There is a common misperception that the cartoon format does not lend itself to horror, but dark anime disproves that with countless examples to look towards. Take the recent series Parasyte. The series revolves around a young man who’s hand is infected by a sentient parasite from outer space. Even in the 2D format you can’t help but wince at the thought of a parasite invading your body and using you as a host. The is a basic fear that just about everyone has. It crosses dimensions and cultures with easy.



The Magic On Display

Japanese horror has come to the west in the form of movies and games. Anime zombies from Silent Hill, The Ring, and other classics have shown what the Japanese can do. Whether you’re watching Serial Experiment Lain or Tokyo Ghoul, you can always find just the right fright you’re looking for with anime movies and series.

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