Why Steve Lesnard is Becoming a Branding and Marketing Influencer

Steve Lesnard, a nationally recognized integrated marketing and consumer expert, is influencing more entrepreneurs around the world. He has impacted numerous marketing campaigns on a global level, and he is clearly focused on digital marketing for the future.

He has quite a following as an influencer who is focused on helping others make world-class choices, as well as how you can remain focused in order to be successful in all areas of your life.

One of the best tips Steve Lesnard has, is to not allow others define success for you. He talked about this recently on Medium, stating that he had to give up what others say success is, in order for him to reach his true potential.

Another way to stay focused on your success is to not wait for the approval of others. Waiting on the approval of others is not necessary. When someone else is picked over us it makes us feel poorly.

Steve Lesnard also talks about acting as the black sheep. He’s referring to those who are immune to peer pressure. It has always destroyed people, mostly teens. Peer pressure can also have a tremendous impact on adults and their ability to succeed in their life and career.

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