Why Sussex Healthcare Is Celebrating

Sussex Healthcare is now celebrating 25 years of success in providing quality care for the elderly. Additionally, Sussex is offering specialized care for those who are in need of rehabilitative type care. Located in Southern England, Sussex Healthcare has been spearheaded by Shiraz Boghani and Shafik Sachedina, two of the most knowledgeable individuals working in the healthcare industry in England. Boghani brought his experience from the hospitality industry, while Sachedina brought his medical background to the table. While Sachedina’s experience is rooted in dental surgery, his ability to care for people has prepared them to build one of the finest care centers in England.

When the first healthcare facility opened in the mid 80’s, they were not aware of the impact they would have. As Sussex Healthcare continued to grow, they opened live-in facilities for the elderly. These facilities were designed for the purpose of catering to those with special needs in various aspects of their lives. Those who are unable to do much for themselves, including feed themselves, dress themselves, and more importantly, those who suffer from complicated neurological diseases. Sussex Healthcare desires to employ more individuals who are trained in skilled care for those who suffer from Alzheimer’s, Dementia, and those who may have other extensive care needs.

Caring for those who are disabled or elderly is not an easy job. Those who are trained in the areas of nursing, or those who are licensed to administer medications, or coordinate activities for those who are receiving care in these facilities is needed. The new CEO, Amanda Morgan Taylor, believes that those who desire to give the best care are best suited for these positions along with their training. Additionally, Sussex Healthcare offers training for many of the positions that are available.

Ms. Taylor’s experience in the field of healthcare is vast, and before she began to be active in her new role, she insisted that she get the opportunity to spend time with the staff in several of the facilities to find out more about the opportunities that are there. Today, Sussex is among the top facilities for this reason.

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