Why Thor Halvorssen Fights for Human Rights

A Personal Cause

Authoritarianism is a global problem and no one understands it better than Thor Halvorssen. Born in Venezuela, his early life was defined by oppression. Many of his family members were arrested and in one particularly nasty event, his mother was shot for protesting. This has embedded a need in Thor Halvorssen. He understands the dangers of totalitarianism and how it affects people on a personal level. He works to create a world of open societies where people are free from this pain.

An Activist Sets His Sights

With the tragedies he has had to witness, Halvorssen has sought out a way to stop this from happening to other people. One of the most effective ways of doing this was to create an organization devoted to his sort of activism. This is why Halvorssen decided to come up with the Human Rights Foundation. Using the Human Rights Foundation, Halvorssen is able to focus on specific cases of injustice and rally support for individuals oppressed by their governments. Once he manages to rally support, things tend to go well. It isn’t always easy to gain support however.

Spreading The Message

Thor Halvorssen is an accomplished filmmaker and he uses his talent to promote his message. This often takes place in the form of documentaries, but he has also used fictional works to promote his message. At the center of the filmography is the Moving Picture Institute. Through this organization, Halvorssen releases the majority of the films he produces. Creating these films isn’t necessarily a safe process for Halvorssen. At times he has actually faced arrest and violence during the production of documentaries. Despite these ricks Halvorssen continues to produce cinema and challenge dictatorships.

Thor Halvorssen Today

Currently, he continues to focus his efforts on the work of the Human Rights Foundation and its associates. Much of this takes place during the Oslo Freedom Forum. During these meetings, Halvorssen meets with activists around the world and tries to find new ways to change the lives of people living under oppressive regimes.

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