Wining and Dining


The first thing you need to know is what you are going to be eating. If you are having things like chicken or fish, even dishes with creamy sauces, pick a white wine. This will sit better on your stomach. When it comes to foods like beef and wild game, you need to drink a red wine. I always recommend this for the beginners. If you are more experienced, then you can afford to break some of the rules. For instance, there are some chicken dishes which can be paired with a red wine, but you have to be specific about which kind you are using.

For some of your more spicy dishes, you can drink a sweet wine. It all depends on what you are cooking and what other people’s tastes are. You also have to have knowledge of the different regions. An Italian wine is going to be much different than a South African wine. When it comes to the comparison of old-world wines and new-world wines, you should go with the older ones. Why? It’s safe to say that those companies have perfected their process a bit more. The new-world wines are still trying to develop things. Their work might not be as proficient. That’s why it’s best to stick with the German, French and Italian wines.

With the American wines you should pick the ones from Oregon and California’s Napa Valley. These are some of the best. They also have years of experience under the belt. The Oregon and California wines have most of the kinks worked out already.

You should also pick a good year. Not all aged wines are the best. For some aged wines, letting them sit too long will do more harm. If you have any questions about which direction to go, speak to a wine expert. He or she can help you out. Don’t know any? Why not talk to this guy.


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